EXMceuticals (“EXM”) is a biotech company that strongly believes in the potential health and wellness benefits of hemp and cannabis. EXM is an emerging player in the market, with high ambitions and potential in becoming a large scale producer of high-grade EU GMP cannabis and hemp ingredients. We are building a world-class extraction and refining facility near Lisbon, Portugal, which will scale towards producing API-Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients grade cannabis material. The company focus on providing the right ingredients to clients for the medicinal and wellness industry.

EXM’s operational, equipped, licensed and staffed cannabis Laboratory was recently awarded a COVID-19 R&D-focused grant by the European Union and the Portuguese Government, detailing a landmark event for the Company. A Consortium led by EXMceuticals Portugal Lda, operating under the Project name "BioBlockCOVID" and consisting of EXMceuticals Portugal Lda, Cosmetek Lda, and the Universiade de Coimbra has been awarded EUR 302.000 by the European Regional Development Fund and the Portuguese Government to study further and develop disinfectants to combat SARScoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The BioBlockCOVID project aims to create functional, natural and innovative biocide formulations that will specifically target and attack the molecules that make up COVID-19. The research will focus on the virucidal action of naturally occurring bioactive compounds from the cannabis plant.

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